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Informational Handouts

We are grateful for the support of the many partners and referrers in the community who share our information with their clients, patients, patrons, friends, co-workers, and families.

A Pillars Community Health colleague handing out information at an event booth

Pillars Community Health welcomes referrals from professionals and community agencies such as hospitals, police departments, schools, and other providers.

We encourage you to circulate information about our services at your organization. Following are printer-friendly handouts about services that are actively accepting new patients and clients:

General Organization Flyer with Phone Numbers

Community Health Center
(English & Spanish)

Substance Use Disorder Services
(English & Spanish)

We can help

To refer someone for services, call 708-PILLARS (708-745-5277). After you’ve selected 1 for English or 2 for Spanish, press 3 to reach our Access and Referral team. Learn more about referring for services on our FAQs page.

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