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Benefits and Enrollment Services

Paying out-of-pocket and wondering if you qualify for Medicaid, Marketplace insurance, or other benefits like SNAP? Our staff can help you discover and enroll in insurance or other options to help you pay for your visits.

If you don’t have private health insurance, your first thought might be that you have to pay full-price, out-of-pocket for medical, dental, or behavioral health care. But that may not be the case.

Our Benefits and Enrollment team is here to assist clients and patients with their insurance options. Through a simple screening and benefit check, we can help you determine if you’re eligible for Medicaid or help you enroll in the Marketplace (created by the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Marketplace). We can also discuss other options with you, including the sliding fee scale or The Community Healthcare Network of the Western Suburbs. You may find that you’ve already enrolled for coverage in the past or are eligible for new discounts.

To make an appointment with our Benefits and Enrollment team call:

Visit our Payments and Insurance page for other information about paying for services.

Our team is available Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm, at our Community Health Center in La Grange. You can make an appointment just to meet with Benefits and Enrollment. Or, during your medical or dental visit, we may recommend you meet with Benefits and Enrollment to discuss your options.

Health Centers are required by law to provide care to everyone who seeks it regardless of income level or immigration status. You are safe seeking care here. If you have concerns about your immigration status,  you can find help at www.immigrationlawhelp.org or through the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights at www.icirr.org.

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