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Help change a life
in your community:

Photo of a man writing a check for a donation

How you can help

Pillars Community Health is a nonprofit provider of health and social services; the organization is the result of a 2018 merger between Pillars and Community Nurse Health Center. We strive to be a powerful catalyst for change, providing local children and adults with the comprehensive health care and social and educational tools they need to overcome the wide array of challenges they face. The support we receive from generous individuals is key to our ability to continue meeting the emergent needs of our community.

Whether sheltering families from domestic violence, providing restorative dental care, changing the conversation about sexual assault on college campuses, counseling individuals recovering from opioid abuse, empowering clients with mental illness, or helping patients manage chronic illnesses—change is possible when we work together. By supporting our mission, you can help sustain these wonderful programs to heal, care for, and educate individuals in need within our community.

The Power of One

At a time when there are many societal issues bubbling to the surface – spiking rates of suicide, vast reports of sexual assault, the opioid epidemic, high costs of health care and child care, and so on--it can feel overwhelming. You may wonder: What can I do? To that, we answer: Remember the power of ONE. Change starts with one person or one organization deciding to do something for someone else.


Stories of Impact

Photo of Thomas, Pillars Community Health client

from Oak Park

Photo of Paul, Pillars Community Health client

from Bridgeview, IL

Photo of Tracy, Pillars Community Health client
Fiore & Tracy

from La Grange and Brookfield, IL

Every donation makes a difference

Pillars Community Health is a 501(c)3. All donations are tax-deductible according to the law.


provides 5 nights of safe shelter from sexual and domestic violence for 10 individuals at Constance Morris House.


provides 50 dental visits to low-income seniors without dental insurance.


ensures our 24-hour Crisis Team is able to respond and help stabilize individuals in crisis.


provides required vaccinations for children who don’t qualify for Illinois’ free vaccine program.


provides mental health services for 10 people when they can’t afford their co-pay.


provides 5 nurse visits for diabetic patients.

Attend an Event

Each year we host special events to bring our supporters together in our community. The success of these events is vital to sustain the transformative programs that we provide for our patients and clients, regardless of their ability to pay. If you are interested in attending a special event or would like to know more about more volunteer and support opportunities, please visit our Special Events page.

Donor Resources

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