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Family Support Program

If your loved one is in need of support for a mental illness, reach out to us today for help. You are not alone.

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The Illinois Family Support Program (FSP) provides funding to children with a serious emotional disturbance (SED) under the age of 18, to assist families in obtaining the appropriate level of services required to improve their condition. (This program was formerly known as the Individual Care Grant.)

Every youth enrolled in FSP is assigned a case manager, called the FSP Coordinator, at their local Screening, Assessment, and Support Services (SASS) agency. Pillars Community Health staff serve as FSP coordinators for eligible families. We assist families during the process to apply for FSP funding, learn about the process, and then access mental health services. Our FSP services are available in English and Spanish, at NO COST to the client. If the state grants the funding, youth can receive up to $3,000 to help support accessing therapeutic support services and $1,500 for family support services each fiscal year (July-June). Learn more about the Illinois FSP.

Interested in this program? Call:

and ask to speak to the FSP Coordinator.

Other Resources

Crisis Services
Learn about our crisis hotline.

Ongoing Support
As a team we are focused on crisis stabilization, but we are also focused on links to long-term services to help our clients avoid future crises. Visit our Behavioral Health page to learn about Outpatient Mental Health and Addictions Services.

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