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We are working hard to ensure all people have equal access to the care people need, when they need it. Sometimes that care comes in the form of information. This blog is intended to help you find health tips, answers to questions about mental illness, parenting tips, our thoughts on social issues, and more.

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3 Things You Need to Know About Therapy

By creating a safe space and earning your trust, your therapist can help you identify, discuss, and work through whatever life stressors or experiences are keeping you from feeling your best.

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Double Whammy: Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Mental health issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders common co-occur with substance use disorders—and the co-occurrence is more common than you might think.

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VIDEO: Is Your Teen Using Drugs or Alcohol?

Watch this short 2-minute video to find out how you can spot the signs of substance use among teens and adolescents.

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Let’s Erase the Word “Crazy”

Find out why it’s important to be careful when we talk about words relating to mental illness, as those words could either help or hinder someone from reaching out for help.

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5 Family Activities to Reduce Children’s Stress

Parents can create calm, safe spaces for children to express their feelings by incorporating mindfulness activities into daily life.

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VIDEO: Depression Is a Medical Issue

Watch this brief video to find out how your physical health issues can create mental health issues, and vice versa.

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Mind-Body Wellness Toolkit: Free Printables and Videos

Use this toolkit to access mind-body tips that can help you improve both your physical and mental health, recognizing they are interlinked.

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Is Therapy Right for Me?

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about what to expect from a visit with a mental health provider.

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VIDEO: Mental Health Services for Older Adults

Watch this video to learn more about the myths and facts related to older adults and mental health.

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