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We are working hard to ensure all people have equal access to the care people need, when they need it. Sometimes that care comes in the form of information. This blog is intended to help you find health tips, answers to questions about mental illness, parenting tips, our thoughts on social issues, and more.

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Suicide Prevention in the Chicago Suburbs

Each year in September, the nation recognizes Suicide Prevention Week. At Pillars Community Health, we understand that suicide isn’t typically the cause of death, it’s the means.

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3 Questions With Pillars Community Health’s Crisis/SASS Team

Leah Mizell, LCSW, director of Pillars’ Crisis/SASS program, answers questions about what makes this program so vital—and special.

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Resources Amid the Tragedy in Orlando

At Pillars, we offer a number of services to help in times of crisis or grief.

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Teen Went From Hospitalization to Hospital Staff With Pillars

Pillars Community Health’s CS-I program has helped teen mental health clients like Thomas avoid hospitalization. Pillars Community Health recently launched a similar program for adults.

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Addictions Client: “I Can’t Ever Let Her Down”

Read how one former Addictions client credits Pillars and his family with setting him on a new path of sobriety and how Pillars rallied around him when he hit rock bottom.

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New Video Celebrates National Social Work Month

Learn about the 600,000 professionals working to get the down-and-out back on their feet.

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