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Celebrating Excellence: Jess Warchol Honored with West Suburban Chamber of Commerce’s Regional 30 Under 40 Award

Pillars Community Health is proud to announce that Jess Warchol, Director of Community Based Programs, has been honored with the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce's Regional 30 Under 40 Award. Jess received this distinguished recognition at a ceremony held during a dinner at Premier Catering and Events in Countryside, IL, on Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

Jess (she/her) has been an integral part of the Pillars Community Health team for over 16 years. Her exemplary leadership, unwavering dedication, and profound commitment to the well-being of both staff and clients have been the cornerstone of her tenure.

Since joining our organization, Jess has been instrumental in expanding the scope of our Community Based Programs. What began as a singular initiative has evolved under her leadership to encompass a diverse array of services, including CSI-Child and Adolescent, CSI-Adult, CST, FRD, CILA, and IPS-Employment. Her collaborative approach and steadfast support have cultivated an environment where these programs flourish, ensuring they remain efficient, effective, and profoundly beneficial to our clients.

Beyond her directorial responsibilities, Jess consistently demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to supporting our staff. She has provided invaluable mentorship and supervision to those pursuing CRSS Certification, guiding them toward success with her expertise and encouragement. Her contributions extend across various programs within Pillars Community Health, including The Loft, Crisis program, School-Based, Pathways to Success, and numerous workgroups, showcasing her versatility and dedication to our mission.

Jess exemplifies the core values of Pillars Community Health—kindness, empathy, and genuine care. Her approachable demeanor and heartfelt commitment to the well-being of others have earned her immense respect and admiration from colleagues, clients, and the broader community. Her ability to listen attentively, understand deeply, and provide meaningful guidance has left an indelible impact on all who have the privilege of working with her.

In every interaction, Jess embodies professionalism, empathy, and dedication. Her efforts have significantly contributed to the success of our organization and our ability to provide exceptional care to the communities we serve. Her recognition as one of the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce‘s Regional 30 Under 40 is a testament to her outstanding contributions and leadership in the western suburbs.

Congratulations, Jess, on this well-deserved honor. Your dedication and impact are invaluable to Pillars Community Health and the communities we serve. We are incredibly proud of your achievements and grateful for your continued commitment.

Stay tuned for more updates and stories about the remarkable work our team members are doing to make a difference in our community.


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