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Training the Next Generation of Clinicians

septiembre 21, 2016

Pillars’ Student Training Services provide quality training in psychotherapy onsite, which gives interns exposure to work in a community mental health setting and helps us provide quality services to clients.

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Suicide Prevention in the Chicago Suburbs

septiembre 7, 2016

Each year in September, the nation recognizes Suicide Prevention Week. At Pillars Community Health, we understand that suicide isn’t typically the cause of death, it’s the means.

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3 Questions With Pillars Community Health’s Crisis/SASS Team

julio 20, 2016

Leah Mizell, LCSW, director of Pillars’ Crisis/SASS program, answers questions about what makes this program so vital—and special.

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Buddy’s Place Celebrates 15th Anniversary

septiembre 16, 2015

One of the longer-standing programs in the Chicago suburbs, Buddy’s Place is celebrating its 15-year anniversary in September 2015.

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