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Community Survey: Pillars Community Health at Anne M. Jeans

We would like to get your honest opinion about using the Pillars Community Health Family Health Center at Ann M. Jean as your primary clinic to receive medical or dental care. Your responses will be private and combined with other responses to help us identify how to best serve the community. There are no right or wrong answers to any of our questions. We encourage you to be open about your opinions and experiences. Thanks so much for your feedback.

Community Survey: Anne M. Jeans Clinic

1. Do you know that you can get medical care for kids and adults at this clinic?
2. Do you know that you can get dental care for kids at this clinic?
3. How do you feel about getting care at this clinic? (select all that apply)
The Pillars Community Health location at Ann M Jeans is convenient
5. Do you have concerns about getting your medical or dental care at this clinic? (select al that apply)
6. Do you have the information you need to get an appointment?

Thank you for your feedback!

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