Bilingual Family Services Specialist

Bilingual (English/Spanish) skills required.


Participation in and optimal support of parents, staff and children in Early Childhood program.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.


  1. Assist in the provision of social services to children and families, with primary goal of enhancing the families’ abilities to function independently. Can serve as Acting Site Director in Site Director’s absence.
  2. Recruit and enroll new children and their families to the programs.
  3. Conduct intake screening of new families with the Site Director.
  4. Serve as a liaison between families and the program, interpreting Agency policies to parents and family members.
  5. Ensure that children and families are provided with social services as needed.
  6. Participate in staffing by obtaining and sharing relevant family information and background, by contributing to the development of plans.
  7. Substitute in the classroom as a teacher assistant, when needed.
  8. Coordinate the parent involvement program (according to the Head Start performance standards) and maintain records of meeting with parents and of workshops.
  9. Provide referrals to families in order to ensure that they have proper medical and dental care.
  10. Serve as a resource to families needing resources outside of Pillars Community Health.
  11. Maintain accurate records, as required by funding agency and maintain compliance with funding agency requirements.
  12. Recruit and enroll children for Head Start and full day Child Care programs.
  13. Maintain and track medical and social service files on a monthly basis for Head Start and Child Care programs.
  14. Completes monthly funding agency reports.
  15. Participate in planning in-service training.
  16. Participate with teaching staff in addressing behavioral issues and finding solutions.
  17. Participate with the teaching staff in conducting parent-teacher conferences as needed.
  18. Work with the other site staff to ensure N.A.E.Y.C. accreditation.
  19. Recommend changes to or additions to policy, program and procedures.
  20. Participate in trainings and workshops to expand professional knowledge professional knowledge of family partnerships, thus building relationships with the community and its resources and other areas of interest.
  21. Develop and write a monthly newsletter for parents and families, containing information about monthly events at the site, articles about nutrition, multi-cultural concerns, information relevant to children’s education for parents, parenting skills, etc.
  22. Develop monthly bulletin boards for display of articles, artwork, information on multi-cultural issues, job training information, etc.
  23. Maintain productive relationships with the community at large.
  24. Respond to agency needs by performing assigned tasks, which do not fall within the above description. If such tasks are not a temporary nature, they should be added to the position’s designated responsibilities.


A Bachelor of Arts degree preferred in Social Work or Psychology from an accredited college. Family Service Specialist must have a minimum of an Associate of Arts or Applied Science degree in Social Work or Related Field.  Two years of successful experience working with children and families, either in student training and assignments, or in a staff position.


Bilingual (English/Spanish) skills required.


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by a teacher in a classroom managing the safe and healthy care of young, active children with typical developmental growth. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

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