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Other Places to Donate Items

We encourage supporters to donate items to The Community Shop, our thrift store and donation center in La Grange. However, our store cannot take every type of donated item. Here are some other places that may take your items in the Chicago suburbs.

Photo of two ladies shopping for clothes

The Hope Chest

The Hope Chest is a nonprofit retail shop that donates 100% of proceeds from sales to our domestic violence shelter. The Hope Chest is located at 305 W. Hillgrove in La Grange (708-482-0359). They accept gently used women’s and children’s clothing, shoes, purses, and jewelry.

Sharing Connections

Sharing Connections is a separate organization that takes item donations and then distributes them to families in need. Sharing Connections is located at 5111 Chase Avenue in Downers Grove (630-971-0565). The organization accepts household furniture, baby furniture, and certain appliances in good working condition. They can pick up furniture (but no office or exercise equipment accepted).

Our domestic violence shelter, Constance Morris House, may be able to accept some donated items. Please call our Philanthropy team at 708-745-5277 to see if your item can be accepted.

The Rotary Club of La Grange

For the past two years, the Rotary Club of La Grange and Park District of La Grange have continued a tradition begun about 30 years ago by legacy Community Nurse. To encourage health care prevention, the groups donated holiday gifts to our Health Center patients. Patients must have had a preventive visit within the last year to qualify. Visit the Rotary Club website to learn about future collections of holiday gift donations.

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